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CT Myco

  • SoilNoc CT-Myco 12oz Pack

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Product Description




Plants are more robust and resilient because of the beneficial bacteria, fungi and other microbes that thrive in compost. Compost tea—compost steeped in water like tea—could reduce costly inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.


Yet compost tea brewing can be very difficult. Since mycorrhizae only exist in spores or attached to live roots they are notoriously difficult if not impossible to “brew”. Short of buying professional grade mycorrhizae and physically adding it in after your brew and just before application, the chances are high that making your compost tea from compost is useless from a mycorrhizal perspective. Even if brewing is modified to avoid this, outcomes could still be unpredictable. There’s no guarantee you’ll get consistent results every time you brew.


SoilNoc designed CT-Myco to avoid inconsistent, useless brews. What’s more, you don’t have to wait days for compost to ferment properly. Just add water to CT-Myco, and your compost tea is ready to spray on foliage or inject into soil.


What is CT-Myco?


CT-Myco is a premium-grade soil and foliage conditioner that contain select blends of naturally occurring, stabilized bacteria and multiple fungi species including endomycorrhizae. These microbes break down hard-to-capture plant food, making them available for easy absorption.


CT-Myco also contain the right ratio of molasses, kelp extract, and humic and fulvic acids that plants need for robust growth.


CT-Myco comes in convenient, ready-to-use powder form that does not need brewing. Just mix with water and you can use your compost tea right away!


Who uses CT-Myco?


CT-Myco is for the grower recovering stressed garden plots, greens and acreage to make them more productive, healthier, and hardier in a short time.


The compost tea made from CT-Myco washes away the effects of excessive chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, extreme conditions and other harmful practices.


Added to the soil or sprayed on leaves, CT-Myco helps microorganisms in soil breed and colonize faster, feeding on the food of plant pathogens...thus preventing disease-carriers the room to grow and multiply.


Why use CT-Myco?


Compost tea speeds up the process of nourishing soils and eliminating disease-causing organisms. But brewing your own compost tea is messy, time-consuming, and leads to unpredictable outcomes that could be biologically nonviable. CT-Myco solves all these problems with its unique compost tea blend.


And the benefits of using CT-Myco are plenty. You:


  • - Produce healthier, safer foods—improved soil structure and resistant soil biology means reduced fertilizer and pesticide use;


  • - Produce more yield—CT-Myco encourages more effective rooting, improved germination and soil structure, and better absorption of nutrients;


  • - Grow disease-resistant plants—better able to ward off insect pressure, deny pathogens food for survival, and tolerate environmental extremes;


  • - Have zero waste—you naturally recycle nutrients from dead plant matter and root as well as make available macro- and micro-nutrients bound up in the soil;


  • - Conserve water—your plants’ increased water uptake and storage will reduce irrigation needs and decrease drought stress;


  • - Reduce operational costs—on water, fertilizers and pesticides.



CT-Myco works with regular potable water, requires no brewing, does not smell bad, and guarantees consistent results, all the time!


Buy CT-Myco  now and see the difference to your plants!



DIRECTIONS: Mix with potable water and apply using conventional spraying equipment, hose end sprayers or watering cans.


Water in as a soil drench for existing or new plants. Use a method that enables the product to reach the roots of existing plants.


Mix with sufficient water to allow for effective coverage depending on density of the foliage: 1-5 gallons per 1000 square feet for turf, 100-200 liters per hectare (10-20 gallons) per acre for pastures.


Higher application rates can be used on stressed or new installations. Higher amounts will not burn the plants or roots.


Can be used in foliar applications alone or with other inputs.


Suggested rates vary from 1120 g - 2240 g per hectare (16 oz - 32 oz per acre) for pastures. Apply 0.5 oz - 1.0 oz per 1000 square feet of turf.

Other Details

Soil Conditioner:
Yes Excellent for all growing conditions. Use higher applications for soil drench on clay soils or use PTM or PTM-Myco.
Foliar Application:
Yes. Excellent as foilar or use CT without Myco for foliar applications where mycorrhizae was already applied.
Water Soluble:
Professional Grade Biology:
Meets NOP:
OMRI Certified:
Can be for private label or volume purchase
Powder for Easy Shipping:
Sustainable Product:

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Product Reviews

  1. Clay, Georgia clay at that 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2013

    Sprayed some on our clay soil where nothing would grow, and the soil is already changing color and texture. Grass seed seems to be taking at long last.

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Soil Noc's Social networks


pretty good stuff try and see.
“ I used it on tomatoes, okra, and corn. Tomatoes had a noticeable difference between treated and untreated. Corn not so much but I had problems with the corn this year. Now okra it made a huge difference. Im talking 5 or 6 inch diff in plant and maby 2 to 1 pod production! I think it helps with nematode. This stuff is a must for sand you might not be able to tell a difference in good clay with perfect nutrient level. But in sand or with marginal nutrient levels which is most people have it is great. Keep up the good product. And thanks ”


“ We used your SRT last season and we've never seen our garden perform like that!

Side by side comparison of our beans was just incredible. The treated side kept producing right through the hot summer and the untreated side struggled to survive.”

Dave S.
Market Gardener 30 acres - S.D., USA

“ We replaced all our banana trees due to the dorought (sic). We used the (SRT) on our replacement trees - in 25 years of growing we never see such root grow in such short time. Leaf color was very green, trees very strong. We were able to harvest few tree only and owner was very happy with the money. Next we will put on mangos and durian tree.”

J Relacion.
Plantation Manager - Philippines.

“ Six years ago my mother planted blue rose bushes in my yard. Each year it produced buds that rotted and fell off before opening. But this year, after inoculating them with SRT — in extreme drought conditions — my bushes produced buds that opened for the first time! My blossoms were as big as my hand! I gasped when I saw them!”

Peggy A.
Denton, TX.


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