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SRT Advanced Mycorrhizal Inoculum 25Lb

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1 unit(s)

Product Description


Product Available from Single 25 LB Bags to Truck Load.



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The Golden Standard for Nurseries, Arborists, Landscapers, Market Vegetable Growers, and Urban Farmers!



SoilNoc SRT is an Advanced Mycorrhizal Inoculum with Bene­ficial Soil Biology.


A water soluble advanced mycorrhizal product incorporating multiple endo / ecto mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial soil and root biology including bacteria and fungi combined with a natural biostimulant.


Designed for drench applications in porous soils, hydroponic systems or mixed into potting soils. About 90% of the world’s plant species form symbiotic relationships with these mycorrhizal fungi. They colonize plant roots, expand into the surrounding soil and greatly increase the root's ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving plant yields and health.


Mix 4 oz. into 25-50 gallons of water. Use spray pattern for deep root feeding. Inject 1/2 gallon per hole 2-3 times a year. More frequently for stressed plants. Can be used any time root systems are active.


Nurseries: Use as soil drench in porous media or mix into potting soil. Each pound treats approximately: 3500 sq.ft. of nursery flats; 450 x 4” containers; 220 x 1 gallon containers; or 95 x 2 gallon containers. Mix with water to effectively deliver the above application rate of powder per containers.


B&B plantings: Mix 4 ounces in 50 gallons of water. Saturate root ball before backfilling. Spray or pour on the root balls until saturated just before backfilling.


Seeds: Follow above Nursery rates for seedlings.


Turf: For a single application, one pound will treat 2,500 sq. ft. of porous soil, new installation, or after core aeration. Water in thoroughly. Or use 2-4 oz per 1,000 square feet 2-3 times during the growing season.

Other Details

Soil Conditioner:
Root and Soil Inoculant
Foliar Application:
No. Will not harm plants but not an effective use of product.
Water Soluble:
Professional Grade Biology:
Meets NOP:
OMRI Certified:
Can be for private label or volume purchase
Powder for Easy Shipping:
Sustainable Product:

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pretty good stuff try and see.
“ I used it on tomatoes, okra, and corn. Tomatoes had a noticeable difference between treated and untreated. Corn not so much but I had problems with the corn this year. Now okra it made a huge difference. Im talking 5 or 6 inch diff in plant and maby 2 to 1 pod production! I think it helps with nematode. This stuff is a must for sand you might not be able to tell a difference in good clay with perfect nutrient level. But in sand or with marginal nutrient levels which is most people have it is great. Keep up the good product. And thanks ”


“ We used your SRT last season and we've never seen our garden perform like that!

Side by side comparison of our beans was just incredible. The treated side kept producing right through the hot summer and the untreated side struggled to survive.”

Dave S.
Market Gardener 30 acres - S.D., USA

“ We replaced all our banana trees due to the dorought (sic). We used the (SRT) on our replacement trees - in 25 years of growing we never see such root grow in such short time. Leaf color was very green, trees very strong. We were able to harvest few tree only and owner was very happy with the money. Next we will put on mangos and durian tree.”

J Relacion.
Plantation Manager - Philippines.

“ Six years ago my mother planted blue rose bushes in my yard. Each year it produced buds that rotted and fell off before opening. But this year, after inoculating them with SRT — in extreme drought conditions — my bushes produced buds that opened for the first time! My blossoms were as big as my hand! I gasped when I saw them!”

Peggy A.
Denton, TX.


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