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Compost Activator 1oz

  • Compost Accelerator

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Product Description



Not Your Box Store Compost Activator! Real Biology For Professional Composting.


Tip: Do you want composted mulch without the high price tag? With your hose end sprayer or watering can apply Compost Activator on normal wood mulch and you get composted mulch at a fraction of the price!


Advanced Compost Activator


Today’s growers understand the value of using compost. Besides restoring fertility to poor soils, compost helps reduce the need for harmful chemicals that cause pollution.


But composting needs plenty of time and effort. You have to constantly add waste materials, mix the compost heap to decompose evenly, and wait for it to turn into rich humus. If you’re lucky, your compost is usable by the fourth month. If not, you have to wait 365 days—a full year!—for compost to “ripen”…waiting time that serious growers and gardeners alike can do away with...easily. 


A proven technique for quick composting


Now, there’s a professional way to jumpstart your composting.  


The secret is in how fast bacteria “burns” waste material.


It’s not just keeping the compost pile warm and moist, although it helps tremendously, but in priming compost ingredients with bacteria that goes to work immediately.


Billions of microorganisms packed into one application of highly active powder will reduce a 365-day wait time for compost to be ready to as little as 30 days!  


Compost Activator contains selectively adapted bacterial cultures, fungi and nutrients blended to speed up the aerobic decay of organic wastes. Our scientists specifically chose microorganisms that multiply and digest quickly the moment they are applied onto organic wastes.


Laboratory tests showed that Compost Activator shortens composting to as little as a month and as much as 60 days—a shorter waiting time than the customary six months for regular compost to be usable.  


Recovery goes ahead of schedule for those who rely on compost to restore poor soil.



Who Uses Compost Activator?


Compost Activator is for the organic commercial grower or backyard gardener. If you rely on organisms in the soil to keep your plots and gardens healthy but don’t have the time to wait 365 days, Compost Activator is for you.  


Compost Activator is the guarantee that you’re starting right in growing healthier, hardier, better-tasting produce/plants. Compost Activator’s microorganisms quicken the breakdown of raw materials into simpler, more accessible nutrients for your plants. 



Why Use Compost Plus?


There are many reasons why you would want to shorten composting time.

Better-tasting produce. Research proves that plants grown with compost produce safer, more palatable foods.

Fertilizer money diverted to other expenses. Compost Activator maximizes the fertilizer value of compost. Your soil can now hold nutrients loosely enough so they are available to the plants, but tightly enough to gradually release them over time. Runoff is also prevented when soil is watered, translating to more savings that you can use for other important expenses in your home or business.

Reduced time tending to aeration. Compost Activator encourages aerobic decay and improves the flow of air in the compost heap, reducing the need to mix the pile regularly to maintain good aeration.  

Proper digestion of waste products for maximum compost yields. Using Compost Activator’s accelerator organisms guarantee that waste materials decompose properly. You produce a full yield of compost right away for maximum coverage of your plots and acreage.  

Maximum compost coverage means reduced water needs. Temperatures and moisture in the soil remain at constant levels because of the covering that compost provides. The soil can hold more water in so plants don’t need as much water. 


Don’t waste 6 months waiting for your compost to be ready.

Buy Compost Activator today and start using your compost in as little as 30 days!


DIRECTIONS: Mix with potable water and apply using conventional spraying equipment or through sprinkler / irrigation systems or use a watering can. Filter as required for your specific equipment. Increase effectiveness by adding nitrogen (urea, fresh grass clippings, vegetable greens, etc.), molasses and / or sugars. Application rates vary widely with compost type, moisture levels, temperature and general environmental conditions. Testing and experience will dictate optimal levels for your application.

Suggested application rates: Use 1 Lb for 4-8 cubic yards for static piles. In professional environments where proper levels of moisture, temperature, aeration and compost turning are maintained, 1 Lb will treat 2 tons of material. 

Follow all industry standards and safety guidelines for composting operations.

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pretty good stuff try and see.
“ I used it on tomatoes, okra, and corn. Tomatoes had a noticeable difference between treated and untreated. Corn not so much but I had problems with the corn this year. Now okra it made a huge difference. Im talking 5 or 6 inch diff in plant and maby 2 to 1 pod production! I think it helps with nematode. This stuff is a must for sand you might not be able to tell a difference in good clay with perfect nutrient level. But in sand or with marginal nutrient levels which is most people have it is great. Keep up the good product. And thanks ”


“ We used your SRT last season and we've never seen our garden perform like that!

Side by side comparison of our beans was just incredible. The treated side kept producing right through the hot summer and the untreated side struggled to survive.”

Dave S.
Market Gardener 30 acres - S.D., USA

“ We replaced all our banana trees due to the dorought (sic). We used the (SRT) on our replacement trees - in 25 years of growing we never see such root grow in such short time. Leaf color was very green, trees very strong. We were able to harvest few tree only and owner was very happy with the money. Next we will put on mangos and durian tree.”

J Relacion.
Plantation Manager - Philippines.

“ Six years ago my mother planted blue rose bushes in my yard. Each year it produced buds that rotted and fell off before opening. But this year, after inoculating them with SRT — in extreme drought conditions — my bushes produced buds that opened for the first time! My blossoms were as big as my hand! I gasped when I saw them!”

Peggy A.
Denton, TX.


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